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    The St. Catharines Flying Club is excited to provide online ground school for members!

    In addition to our traditional classroom setting, all members will be enrolled for access online in order to review a class or to catch up on a missed class.

    Our Private Pilot Ground School course is a 45 hour course that runs continuously throughout the year. Our course exceeds Transport Canada standards and provides you with the information and knowledge needed to pass the private pilot exam. 

    Once you've paid the initial fee, you may attend the live ground school classes in our conference room at the club and you will have full access online to many additional benefits; review your ground school classes, watch the power-point presentation, take the quizzes to prepare you for the exam, download documents, check out our forums for common questions and answers about obtaining your license, and we even provide live, real-time online broadcasts for face-to-face briefings with your instructor.

    Our online ground school program is great for pilots who are unable to attend the live classroom at our club or for pilots who miss a class or wish to review a class for further study. 

    Once you've signed up for a class at our club you are welcome to retake the course as often as you want at no additional cost, both online and in class, whatever is most convenient for you. This is our way to help you master the skills needed to be a good and safe pilot.

    Check out our events on our calendar and contact us for more information about gaining access to our online programs and how we can help you obtain your aviation goals in a safe and convenient way. (905.684.9447)